Essence Detox Soak

Ever wonder why feet stink more than any other part of the body?

Some of the largest pores on your body are located on your feet !

What is the Essence Detox Soak?

Gentle and non-invasive treatment that can remove harmful toxins from your body
• Negative ions help the body's natural detoxification processes to function at its peak
• Believed to reduce symptoms of joint pain/arthritis, chronic fatigue, allergies, poor circulation and weak immune systems 

Instantly Visible Results

Visible results immediately following each treatment !

A Luxury Nail Experience

Choose Your Polish


Select from

- Standard Polish (Lasts Up To 7 Days)

- Gel  (Up To 21 Days)

- Powder (Up To 30 Days, Calcium Rich)

- BioSeaweed Gel (Up to 30 Days, Aloe Vera)

Customize Your Spa Experience


For Nail Spa Services, we utilize BCL Spa Organics, an all-organic luxury line for our foot soaks, sugar scrubs, moisture masques, and essential oil massage creams during your Manicure and Pedicure services! 

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Our intention is to leave you with one less problem - Cute nails, can't fail . 

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