Men's Services


What is our Men's Executive Cut ?

Our Men's Executive Cut is recommended for every four weeks to maintain a crisp appearance . What makes our service great?

• Complimentary hand and arm massage with every service . 

• Complimentary sinus-clearing Eucalyptus aromatherapy with every service .

- Complimentary neck trim in between appointments . 


What is our Men's Executive Pedicure ?

Our Men's Executive Pedicure is recommended for every three-four weeks to

• Keep feet free of unsightly dead skin.

• Help prevent painful ingrown toenails.

• Help remove buildup of dirt, fungus, odor, and overall foot hygiene.


What is our Men's Executive Reshade?

Our Men's Executive Reshade is recommended for every 6-8 weeks as needed, and is the most masculine way to blend gray .

• Consistently natural, transparent grey reduction without the helmet look .

• For a fresher, younger look anytime .
• Not a colored look – no visible roots .
• Visually more hair fullness .
• Uncomplicated service at the basin .

• With CoolFade technology, regrowth blends naturally .
• No unnatural, unmanly color tint when washing out, guaranteed .


Men's Services